Who are the abusers?


October 9

Moraira’s Octoberfest began at 12 noon promptly last Friday. Very loud music began to play until about 5pm. A pause and then it began again until 5am the next morning. Endless thump thumping of tired old songs, including Viva España, Una Paloma Blanca, etc. etc. Unable to sleep, along with many others. Saturday was a repeat of Friday and again went on until 5am in the morning. Sunday was a repeat, but unable to function after losing two full night’s sleep we booked into a hotel for Sunday night.
Returned home Monday and at 12 noon promptly the same band, playing the same songs, began again. We hope they will finish on time at 7pm. Who gives the people who run these events permission to abuse local residents until 5am in the morning on three consecutive nights? I am no killjoy, having danced away in the Cavern six weeks ago until 1am in the morning and frequent a music session on a Saturday in a Moraira bar. But imposing that level of noise on the unwilling is not on. Own up! Who allowed it? Fourteen hours a day of loud music is too much. I will go to Benidorm next October for some peace and quiet.

Mrs G H Moore


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