Open letter to the Spanish and Catalan people


October 8 2017

Be a beacon to the world in these troubled times and don’t listen to those manipulating voices, filling your hearts with anger and hatred towards your fellow man. Together you can overcome the greatest challenges that lie ahead for all of mankind, alone and separate you add only fuel to a burning flame!
You are both of proud heritage, and rightly so, voices need to be heard and listened to when grievances exist. At this flashpoint in time, you, the ordinary Spanish and Catalan man and woman decide the outcome of the future. While modern Spain as it exists today was built by force, let this troubled past not divide your hearts now in these uncertain times worldwide.
By denying your fellow man the right to voice his or her grievances, you only diminish your own right to voice yours when they develop. With tears in my eyes for the Spanish people, I observe the whistles towards your fellow Catalan man in the football stadiums; nothing could be more un-Spanish than to treat a proud heart with disrespect!
When being proud only leads to accusations against your fellow man, then the proud heritage of both your people is working against your interest. Leaders put only fuel on the flames when they take the hard-line stand instead of listening and dialog. Now more than ever, you, the ordinary Spanish and Catalan man and woman need a clear head and mind to find the solution that serves you both best. May your proud hearts find this solution and shine, for if you don’t, I can only see hardship and suffering for you both ahead.

With great admiration for you both
Ralf Lindner


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