Electricity price rises

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January 15

Dear Sir,

Firstly I would like to thank you and your team for the articles you do on electricity and the price rises. It has helped us to understand a little better why our bills have shot up.

We are not getting any younger and really feel the cold now. We have to have our heating on in the winter, even during the day. For people surviving on old age pensions the amount we are now paying each month is quite distressing.

We are having to make savings on other things, penny pinching if you like. With the cold weather this month we are dreading the bill for January. That is why any tips you can give us on saving money on our bills are very welcome.

Now my complaint! In your article on Friday you advised us to go to the RTVE website to check for the daily prices to know when the cheapest and most expensive times of the day are. I followed your instructions and could not find the figures you spoke of.

Am I losing my marbles, or what?

Fred Wilson

Dear Fred, thank you for your email and for your comments.

I am sorry you have been on a wild goose chase. For the last year, the national broadcaster RTVE has been providing a daily update to give people the information they need to help them save on their electricity bills. However, that suddenly stopped in the middle of last week. For some reason they have decided to no longer publish those helpful updates. We hope that this is a temporary blip and they will start again soon.

In the meantime that information is widely available via the internet. You need to type ‘precio luz hoy’ into Google and various options will appear, allowing you to see the prices for that day.

Many of the national newspapers offer this service and you can click on their stories and see what times to avoid (if possible) on any given day.

One general tip is try to use your washing machine at weekends only when the price is often cheaper, and only put it on during the morning. Having said that, check via ‘precio luz hoy’ to see exactly when the cheapest time is. You might be annoying your neighbours by having it going at 06.00!

The Editor

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