Electricity contract scam


June 29

I’m really just letting you know this happened. I thought I was reasonably switched on and speak and understand some Spanish.Two people turned up at my door in Alicante city the other day and asked to look at my Iberdrola electric bill – they implied that they had been sent by Iberdrola to check that I was being billed correctly and pointed to some small writing on the side of the bill saying that I was being charged for postage.
At no point did they tell me that they were in fact changing me from Iberdrola to Audax and the impression conveyed was that they had been subcontracted by Iberdrola to finalise my contract details.
They had clearly targeted me. I was susceptible to this because I had previously a week or two previously been belatedly asked by Aquas Alicante for ID documentation despite their having supplied water to me since February – I assumed that these people were doing the same and signed the paperwork.
I did however after they had gone contact Iberdrola who confirmed this was an entirely separate contractor and nothing to do with them. I have cancelled the contract via an email to Audax customer services copied to Iberdrola. It was basically straightforward misrepresentation and fraud assisted by my uncertain Spanish. Caveat emptor of course but I am in two minds whether to report it to the police. You may wish to alert your readers, although I suspect this happens frequently.

Kind regards

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  1. Same here in Barcelona. Same speech, same everything. They have switched my electricity AND gas providers without my consent. What to do now? Where to report them? How to get my electricity and gas providers back???


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