Bad time on Costa Azul


July 4

Dear Costa News,
We had a bad time riding Costa Azul yesterday. I enclose the English version of what I wrote to them:
Yesterday I rode on Costa Azul with my wife and son, from Alicante airport to Torrevieja. We previously used your service in May 2018.
After leaving the airport late at 16.15 your driver manoeuvred the bus quickly across the highway. Often the whole bus bounced up and down, to the alarm of passengers. Is this a competent driver?
On arriving in Torrevieja, I asked the driver why our young child had to pay the same fare as an adult. His manner was rude and aggressive: there was no sympathy, and he accused us of being the problem for not knowing the new rules. Then he told me to get off the bus. How is this odious person employed?
Since your arrogant and aggressive driver had no answer, I put the same question to you: how is a three-year-old sitting on my lap the same as an adult? Why should that child pay the full adult fare, occupying no seat?
I attach a photo of our tickets, and eagerly await a reply.
By the by, I mentioned to the driver that my son is diagnosed autistic. ‘Ninguna diferencia; el hombre es un completo no simpático’.
Hopefully you can mention this in a future edition.

Gordon Shure

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