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June 22, 2017

Dear Sir or Madam
I buy your newspaper each week and it does help me to keep up a little bit with the local news. As I do not understand much Spanish, the local newspapers in Spanish are not too much help.
I am American (I do apologise for Trump), but the political system here sounds a little like the old Western history in the USA.
The reason I am writing to you is that I would like to ask if some of your excellent writers would give a little rundown on the political parties here in Spain.
I can tell that some of your writers appear to agree with me regarding the justice system. When an ex-treasurer of the PP is found to have hidden 40 million euros in Switzerland for years and given a prison sentence, then let out of prison to go skiing, something must be rotten to the core. Besides that, what happens to the illegal funds? Whatever happened to the guys hiding money in Panama? Did this just go away?
What I am asking is if one of your writers could give the platforms of all of the political parties and comments on all wrangling going on within the parties. I am a bit puzzled by the fact that a huge number of PP politicians have been charged with various crimes over the past years but the voters seem to favor these crooks and keep electing PP candidates.

Robert Allison

Dear Mr Allison
We regularly report on the political mishaps both locally and nationally and indeed we could fill a newspaper on some ‘characters’. During last year’s two general elections we carried out extensive reports on political parties’ programmes and how the system works (or doesn’t at times). Other readers have actually complained we do ‘too much’ on these political issues. As to why some voters continue to trust politicians who are being investigated for corruption or seem completely useless for the job, this beats us, but as you admit: look what’s happened with Trump in the US.
Best regards and thanks for your faithful readership.

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