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May 15, 2016

Dear Ed

I reply to “Brexit- Helping the UK by staying abroad.

The amount of space taken up by this boring drivel with very little to substantiate is so self-centred and does not give any thought at all for the future of our generations to come after we have gone. As usual, the harping on about pensions, health, all self- related – sod other people who do not even have jobs!

I would like to reply to Mr Rains on the following points:

EHIC card:  There is nothing wrong with this facility. You just have to be aware of what kind of facility is being operated within the country you are visiting. Should you have to support payment, then on return to UK you will be reimbursed. You can also get on-going medical assistance that is required on a daily basis as long as you have related documents and given good notice to whom and where you are staying. So if you are visiting temporarily, then this card is most useful. Should you be working in any foreign country, then health insurance would be beneficial.

Health care for pensioners:  Providing you are qualified to receive Spanish NHS, the UK government pays Spain Health Ministry for each of the qualified pensioner(s) receiving health care. This of course is because you paid into it, so you really do not get it for free! As you point out.

Benefit cuts: We all know IDS resigned because of G Osborne’s newly defined cuts to be introduced imminently and it became a shambles to the Tories, which led them to a “climb down”.

However, earlier cuts were made to discourage those who had abused the system continually over decades of misuse. Funnily, the ‘brigade’ that were claiming this suddenly went back to work! Ok, the bedroom tax is a ridiculous law  and  should be  abolished as soon as possible.

Pensions: I do not know about the writer’s pensions, but as far as I am concerned, what you are entitled to is what you get. If there is an increase in state pension, then of course if you are in a European country then you get a paid. The Brexit has nothing to do with your pension! You get paid to a bank in UK. You transfer this through a money converter for a minimal amount and it goes into your bank in Spain, etc. Any increase will be made accordingly.

I’m afraid, like a lot of people both in UK and abroad, they have been “brainwashed” to a great degree from those for whom the EU is a benefit to themselves, whether it be politically, geographically imperative for access by another nation, eg USA, commercial or fiscal reasons by major corporations. I am perturbed by the lack of observation taken by these so-called democrats.  Not at all do they mention the massive input of immigration without any control whatsoever, causing a heavy burden to all services to the islands of Great Britain. The NHS, schools, doctor’s surgeries, it goes on and on. Housing? Where on earth are they all going to live? The amount of interpretation is required. This is besides the extra millions of, yes, benefits to hand out, and yes, most of all to those who will have not paid one penny!

I am prepared to undergo the “Law of probability” for the sake of my mother country. I have a good idea what I might  expect can happen for Brexit, but I damn well know for sure what is going to happen if remained – and to me, the future in this ‘union’ will be an ever increasing undemocratic control of how each country lives on a day-to-day basis. No question mark here!

Roy Eaton Hall

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