EHIC cards and Brexit


La Marina
December 20, 2015
Dear Editor, if the UK votes to leave the EU would the EHIC card still be valid for European travel health problems. This and many more issues concerning Expats living in Europe makes it very important that we register to vote in all polls concerning this.
My wife and I have recently registered in the UK and will now be able to do this. It was very simple and took no time at all. We strongly advise all Expats do this as the outcome of an Exit result would be very costly and damaging to our lives here in Spain.
Ken Jackson La Marina

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  1. Mr Ken Jackson should be really thinking of his fello countryman and not just of himself. Some do not have the privilege to live in Spain! But may i ask you Sir if you live in Spain why have you now got yourself an address in the Uk just to vote? You live now in Spain do you not so really you should not have a health card at all, when in Spain …….

  2. In a roundabout way Mr Jackson is also summing up the possible scenario for the whole of the UK. It is folly and to be blunt wrong for us Britain’s to hang on to the belief that we can make our way in the world independently.

    Ever since the first world War we have been essentially ‘Broke’. Once we had and held on to an Empire. Those days are long gone, just liken it to the Egyptians, the Greeks, the Romans. All gone. We need to consider the future, not just for ourselves but our Childrens children etc.
    And, in case you think all this is wrong. Consider this. Which Nation gave much in support of two world wars to benefit Europe. Yes us. We are Europeans, some of us just don’t know it yet. I hope you all wake up.


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