Guardamar abandoned streets


In Guardamar town, street cleaners are regularly seen sweeping the pavements.

However, it is has been observed by residents and owners within Guardamar’s Sector Sup-7 that the pavements are only cleaned sporadically and the pavements are not actually swept clean.

During the peak holiday season, once a week a man with a portable blower strapped to his back will blast, into the road (or under the parked cars or through the fence of a waste land area) any loose rubbish. A vehicle will then eventually enter the street and sweep/vacuum up the litter that has accurately settled into the road. However, the percentage of litter in the inaccessible areas will remain trapped under cars, etc.

In between these visits by the cleaner all sorts of litter, including dog excrement, dog poo bags and rotting cat food, appear on the pavements, which I’m sure would not be accepted in the town.

According to Guardamar town hall, Sector Sup-7 is not an urbanisation but a part of Guardamar council, so why is it that the pavements are not cleaned using the same amount of manpower and with similar regularity?

Anthony Nicholson

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