The Movistar booby trap


January 7, 2018

Dear Sir,
Subsequent to the rescue of Spanish banks by the government using €61 billion of taxpayers‘ money, I expected the “corralito“, hence swept my bank account, cancelled all future debits and resumed paying bills in cash.
Quickly, I tumbled into the Movistar booby trap! I allege that everybody would have become a victim of the scheme for tricking the unaware. The deceitful deception by Movistar consists of a manipulated failure to send out an invoice to the client, create the impossibility to make payment, with the intention to suspend the phone service.
The icing on the cake: Movistar charges € 50 for “rehabilitación“, i.e. restoration of the line! (Fortunately, I was hit on a working day, rushed to the Post Office to settle the bill and after a verbose conversation with the Movistar employee of connexion 1489, my phone was reconnected within a few hours.)
I think the idea of this illegal enrichment by Movistar probably derives from “Frankie“, the brain of Frankenstein . . .
On a monthly basis, I have to request by phone a duplicate invoice in order to make payment before the sixth of the month to avoid the suspension of the service.
It’s always a pleasure to talk to the people of connexion 1489, as there is Isabelita, Lola, Mónica, Inma (from Marchála, Ecuador), María Angeles, Pablo, Javier and others . . .
My complaint addressed to Telefónica president José María Àlvarez Pallete was “adorned“ with an article by “La Verdad“ who published the profit losses of Movistar branches in the UK (7,4%), Germany (4,1%) and Spain (2,3%).
The response to my complaint was a phone call from a number, which cannot be reached from the outside (93-403 00 00). A woman, identifying herself with “presidencia“, referred to my complaint by clumsily blaming the Postal Service for the non-arrival of the Movistar invoices at my P.O. Box . . .
Next round: I’ve just obtained the relevant form to lodge against Movistar a complaint with the controlling authority of the enforcement of rules of the telecommunication sector: Ministerio de Energía, Turismo y Agenda Digitál.

Best regards,
Wilfried Weissmann

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