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October 29

Dear Sir,
I was disgusted by the picture that appeared on page 53 of last week’s edition dated 19th October.
I was so disgusted by it that I turned the page and would not read the article by Irena Bodnarec.
I have no idea why it was included other than maybe trying to shock. You newspaper is not some men’s dirty magazine or sleazy newspaper.
What on earth were you thinking of – not much I would suggest. There must be families here who buy your paper with teenagers who would perhaps read it. But apart from that, I can’t see many people who would want to see that. I suppose the sort of yob that walks along the Benidorm seafront would leer at it but the large majority of your readers would not.
I do not know how long you have been the editor but it seems to me that the standards have been dropping for at least the last 12 months.
There have been articles recently by Tom Baker and Dave Jones that have triggered off criticism by readers, which have filled the letters page of late. Like many readers who have already mentioned the same thing, I will not read any letter that is at least a column or more long.
It is no good saying that the views of some writers are not that of the newspaper because with anything that is controversial you and the owners have the ultimate responsibility for its content.
I doubt that you will publish my letter, as your letters’ page will still be full of Brexit and other political articles. Not that I expect it to be published.

John E Smith

PS. I do not understand why you would want all letters using the letters e-mail address to have the same title of ‘letters’. Your staff could not tell one from the other without opening them.

Dear Mr Smith
Sorry to fail in your expectation of not getting your letter published. Thanks for the time taken to explain your opinion – much as our columnists and other letter writers are entitled to too, although you appear to think otherwise. Brexit is a hot topic at the moment and of course, many letters and articles will refer to it. Generally, our readers appreciate being properly informed of this issue and like to see what other residents think about it too.
Regarding the photo, I believe you refer to a lady in a bikini (no nudity whatsoever) – I see no reason to censor a small photo that illustrates an article’s main point and which is no less offensive that what you see every day on our beaches and not only in Benidorm.
Finally, I fail to see your point about email correspondence (especially as your very own letter arrived via email). Some readers chose to specify where they are sending their letter or email from, others do not, and others even want their names withheld for different reasons – which will always have and always will respect. Thankfully, we have some wonderful staff who are still capable of opening envelopes with written correspondence we receive Mr Smith.
Unfortunately, I must stop at this, because this letter and reply is now two columns long and you will not read it.


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