Thugs suspected of injuring horse in Turre

Animal found in same area where donkey was brutally killed last summer

Last year, there was widespread public outrage after this donkey was found tortured to death in the same area in Turre

By Richard Torné

Claims of animal abuse have resurfaced in Turre nine months after a donkey was tortured to death in the same area.

The horse, called Galatea, was not seriously hurt in the suspected attack which is believed to have happened in the early hours of April 10. Turre mayor María Luisa López was unable to shed any light on the incident except to say that the case was “in the hands of the Guardia Civil”.

The incident comes just months after the much publicised case involving the brutal killing of an 11-year-old male donkey called Alfalfero, who was found beaten and tortured to death in the same area.

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