Denia hospital

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September 26

Dear Sir,

Two weeks ago in your newspaper I read a letter from an English couple relating their experiences with Denia hospital, which were anything but complimentary. Maybe some of your readers would like to hear about the excellent service I have received from the same hospital.

January 1, 2022 – Appointment with my doctor at Calpe salud. March 3 – Appointment with the dermatologist at hospital. March 25 – Analysis at Calpe salud. April 20 – Appointment with my doctor at the salud. May 2 – A further appointment with my doctor and on May 14 referral to the surgeon at the hospital. I was tested positive for Covid so the appointment was delayed to July 14. August 8 – Appointment with anaesthesia. September 8 – Operation. Revisions on September 12, 15 and 22.

I am now being attend for ‘curas’ by my district nurse from Calpe salud. A much better picture of the Denia hospital, I think.

Yours faithfully
Jean Taylor (Mrs)

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