Christmas bonus for Pego’s animals


December 6, 2016

Dear Sir
As the retired president of L.A.P.S. (Local Animal Protection Society), I read with interest the article in CBNews dated 2nd December concerning the plight of the unwanted animals in the Pego area.
L.A.P.S. ceased activity on April 1st, 2016 and handed all responsibility to APROP, the newly formed Spanish animal charity in Pego. At that time, APROP were unable to accept the balance of the L.A.P.S. account, as they were not registered and therefore unable to open a bank account. They have, however, been given funds throughout the last 10 months upon request.
Following a recent meeting with APROP, a member of their team was able to give us full details of their bank account, allowing the balance of €4,500 to be transferred into their account. In addition, a further €1,000 has been donated to APROP from the remaining funds of the original Charity Bookstall, hopefully ensuring that all of the animals in their care are well provided for at Christmas time and into the New Year.
I hope that APROP receive the funding to which it is entitled from this year’s budget set by Pego town hall and are able to continue to care for and rehome the unwanted animals in the surrounding area.
Four other local charities in Pego will receive cheques for €250, which I am sure will be put to good use over the Christmas period.

Best wishes,
Chrissie Edwards

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