The cost of justice


March 26, 2017

Dear Sir
The lamentable ordeal Ms Bond went through thus leaving her in impaired health but without any financial indemnification, raises the question in regard to the integrity of her assigned counsel. If “the help of the criminal court in Benidorm” as Ms Bond stated, resulted in a conviction of the surgeon who performed on her several operations, the relevant sentence should contain words like “guilty of malpractice”, “culpable negligence”, etc. and could be used as an ideal basis to corroborate liability to exemplary damages for personal injury. When I read that Ms Bond’s assigned counsel, after having received from a doctor in Alicante who assessed her state of health a medical report, told her there’s no chance to win civil remedies unless she comes up with €10,000, I’m asking: What difference makes the money? Bribe the doctor and use an altered report in favour of Ms Bond?
If indigent, Ms Bond is eligible for free legal aid if she meets certain criteria regarding her economic situation and proof has to be shown if she owns a flat/house (lease or title deed), a car (certificate from Trafico), income, pension, bank statements. Perhaps exhubby Sebastian will be bothered…
And finally, there’s the factor of getting satisfaction from fighting back to avoid living with the fact of having been ripped off. Ms Bond, by not socking it to the quack, preferred acquiescence which, hopefully will give her peace of mind.
I couldn’t bear injustice or have my pocket drained. In the 1980s I sued Menahem and Sarah Lieberman, owners of a hotel and senior citizens’ residence in the Small Claims Court of San Francisco, California where plaintiff and defendant cannot be represented by lawyers and was awarded 560 dollars refund of monthly rent of a room although I checked out after two days and next day the room was rented again to another guest.

Best regards
Wilfried Weissmann

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