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March 3

Dear Editor,

My name is Elisabeth van Es and I live in the small town of Salinas, Alicante.

As you know, in the last few years more motorhomes have been sold than ever before and they all come to enjoy what beautiful Spain has to offer.

Now, you may also know that there are not enough places for all these campers to stay and they often go to places where they are not allowed. That is why we have built a caravan park and have invested everything we have to make it as nice as possible.

We sent all the papers two years ago, a DIC, an architect and a manager. And now comes the problem, last year a new law came into force so that we have to wait for the tourist number. This was not communicated to us, so we had already received some campers.

Everyone is very happy with our site and it gives a great boost to the local economy. Until this week we got an inspection and had to close.

Now we have to wait up to five years for that number. It’s hard for us to understand, isn’t it the community that should offer a place to all campers? And if we really want to help, how is it possible that we have to wait five years for it?

It could be that we are already bankrupt before we have even started. That cannot be the intention. Our paperwork has been at the Conselleria in Alicante for two years, is there any way to speed up this process?

We would like to open quickly and offer tourist campers a nice and legal place to stay, and at the same time stimulate the local economy and the Spanish economy. But we can’t do it alone,

Kind regards,
Elisabeth van Es
Camperpark Vista Montaña, Salinas, Alicante

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