British registered vehicles


May 19

Dear Editor,

I would like to highlight the appalling behaviour of the town hall and police in the Torrevieja area regarding British registered vehicles.

My car has been on Marina Salinas car park since August 2020 because my return ferry booking in September from Spain to the UK was cancelled due to the travel restrictions imposed as a result of Covid. I returned in November with the intention of driving it back home but in addition to all ferries being cancelled, all travel through France was prohibited.

I have been unable to return since because of travel restrictions. I had paid for parking on the marina for the year but the police still came onto private property to remove my car and impound it. I know and understand about the ‘six-month rule’ but surely they understand the current situation and the impossibility of being able to abide by this rule.

I am told that the police are actively stopping British registered vehicles and asking for proof of when it entered Spain. If true, this is victimisation and intimidation of a group of people who contribute massively to the Spanish economy and is very short sighted. These people including myself, will be considering their future in Spain and start looking at countries who are more accommodating and understanding and won’t go for a blow below the belt like they do in Spain. Spain itself will be the loser when thousands of Brits flee their shores.

Darren Redmond

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