Non-residents stay duration


May 14

We are seeking a voice for our dilemma and hope you may be able to help.

We have a holiday home in Los Alcázares which we have enjoyed since its purchase in 2013.

We only use the property during the winter period between October and March. The purchase was made for health reasons to enable us to avoid the cold and damp winters experienced in the UK.

Since Brexit (for which we didn’t vote) and the introduction of the 90/180 stay rule, we will no longer be able to stay for the winter. So we are left (reluctantly) having to consider selling our property in Spain and buying in another country with less restrictive regimes.

When will the Spanish authorities wake up to what they are doing? It will probably be too late before they realise what they are doing/have done to their economy, when everyone affected by the restrictions has left Spain! It will have far reaching consequences. There must be thousands of people affected by this restriction.

In our case we help to support the Spanish economy during the slow winter months when the tourist related businesses are hit hardest. I’m sure the local businesses would help to support our case in trying to change this crazy 90/180 day ruling.

Who do we appeal to, to have our voices heard before it’s too late?

We won’t be waiting around if we cannot see a change happening before the winter. We will be selling up to buy elsewhere and won’t be returning.

The UK has adopted a straightforward maximum stay of 180 days per calendar year to all non-residents. If Spain reciprocated this policy, which let’s face it is much more logical and easy to understand, there wouldn’t be a problem for us and many thousands like us. Surely things have been made bad enough by Covid-19 without further unnecessary throttling of the recovery in Spain.

Name withheld

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