Bad weather road

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April 21

Dear editor,

In general we are very lucky where we live here in sunny Spain.

We have had so much wet weather for more than a month now, we all know we need it, but when it rains it pours, no light showers here!

I purchased a new house 6 months ago and decided to live in it a year before actually doing anything, to see its ups and downs.

Well at the very beginning of the bad weather the roof decided it was going to challenge me, my whole bedroom, hall, down the stairs was pouring with water, I actually used my kitchen pots more to catch the water than for cooking.

Anyway, I contacted my insurance company, they said they would send someone round, which to be fair they did, the professional roofer said he couldn’t get on the roof until it was dry which I totally understood.

Anyway, since the weather has improved, I phoned him, no answer, message him, no answer, finally got hold of him, yes will come next week, didn’t turn up. I decided to go back through to the insurance company with the same old ‘press one, press two’ music. I finally got to talk to a person, who said again it has to wait until it dries out.

I am sure I am not the only one, who has in the last month had to contact insurance companies, but honestly why are they so hard to deal with,
I still don’t know whether the insurance will cover the cost. I actually said on the phone, insurance companies have taken over the bad reputation of ‘second hand car sales’.

They take our money, it would be nice if they could offer a service.

Sorry, finished moaning now.

M. Stuart

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