Ashamed to be British


June 30

Fellow Europeans,
The silly season started early this year. Check out the meaning of democracy. It serves to protect human rights and avoid undue influence from ‘transient whims, propaganda and personalities’. It seems surreal to hear so many seemingly capable, knowledgeable people speak of a resounding majority in favour of ‘Leave’ when no one seems to have looked at the actual figures. Of 46,501,241 registered voters only 37.44% actually voted ‘Leave’, therefore 62.56% DID NOT VOTE ‘LEAVE’. Now that seems very clear-cut and unambiguous to me. A referendum is a form of direct democracy, not the usual representative form of democracy that produces MPs, therefore there should have been safeguards built in.
The wishes of the majority of the electorate are being ignored and the lives and businesses of more than 500 million people and economies of 28 countries are now in danger as a result. Well done UK media and the handful of rabble-rousers responsible! Any chance of a petition under Article 44 of the Charter of Fundamental Rights of the European Union being used to prevent the UK signing Article 50???

Ashamed to be British
Jenny Orchard

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  1. You obviously didn’t do logic at school Jenny.
    Don’t you see that, according to your reasoning, an even larger percentage didn’t vote remain?
    Nul points!


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