Airlines pulling out of Murcia-Corvera airport


January 13

Dear Editor,
It is now a year since Corvera opened its much acclaimed New International Airport.
We used the much-loved San Javier airport until it closed and we were pushed out.
Flying out of Luton we booked six flights for last year into Corvera, we managed to use it twice and then had all other flights booked, changed to fly into Alicante by our low cost operator. No reason given as to why. What has happened at Corvera to make them pull out?
I find this a clever move to close San Javier and then force us to use Alicante improving its status in airport rankings.
I arrived at Alicante airport between Christmas and the New Year to an airport that could not cope with queues of traffic trying to drive in and out of the carparks. Hours wasted from the time we landed; wait for a bus ride round the airport, then trying to get out of the airport. Barriers raised trying to help get us out, what a shambles. The whole affair taking nearly as long as our flight from Luton.
Bring back our much missed and loved San Javier please.

John Felix

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