Something smells foul in Castalla


January 14

(This letter was received before two plumbers died at the septic tank near Castalla Internacional – see page 3 in the North Edition)
You may have heard of Castalla Internacional. For many years, there has been problems with the sewage, smells, leakage and so forth. For years, the town hall have been promising to build a new sewage plant. Depending on who is in office, sometimes it progresses, other times it doesn’t.
There was supposedly a monetary bond, held by the town hall, to part cover the costs of a new sewage plant.
The last that I know of is that the ground had been acquired and the usage changed so that the sewage plant can be built. This was in May 2019. On many occasions, the sewage bubbles out into the road at the bottom of Calle Oviedo/Calle Madrid. The pump is situated at the bottom of Calle Alicante/Calle Oviedo. This pushes it up the hill into the inadequate deposit tank. Again, credit where due this council empty it frequently.
My concern is that there is no one dealing with the situation at a weekend. My friend’s garden fills with raw sewage from the house because it is blocked in the road. Not long after it then starts to overflow into the street.
The Guardia were called and they came to look. I personally went to the Guardia and spoke to someone. They said it would be Monday! The council was shut until then! Wonderful, spending the weekend with sewage in the garden and street!
The most recent saga it was reported at the town hall and they sent out the wrong people, they said they only dealt with clean water. The police were called and they came very quickly to look at the problem.
They reported it and the next day the tanks took away raw sewage. For about twelve hours, all was ok, then it was blocked again. Someone came from the town hall on Sunday and said he’d be requesting lorries to remove the waste but it had to be authorised by the mayor. He was asking on Monday, today.
Nothing has been done as of yet, no information related back.
The Guardia say they will keep on at the town hall.


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