A message from Harry Shindler MBE


June 1, 2016

Fellow expats
First, thank you to all who sent messages of support during our legal efforts.
Your very kind words meant a great deal – thank you so much.
We have lost a battle… Now to win the war!
Let’s put this setback behind us. We must not let it overshadow the battle that starts now… to make the ‘Vote for life’ bill – law.
MPs of all parties must now be contacted and urged to support the ‘Vote for life’ bill when it is before the House of Commons.
Let’s put pressure on MPs in their constituency through our family and friends in the UK.
We won a great deal of support in this past period, including an editorial in the Times in our support. So let’s keep it up.
Letters to MPs and in the local and national press, for this is the final push for our vote.
No let-up now, and allow me to once again quote The Man…
“Forward, unflinching, unswerving, indomitable till the whole task is done” (Churchill).

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