Deaf man ignored in hospital

Juan Almansa shows off a sign he made for the next time he visits the hospital. It reads: “Please, doctor or nurse, don’t call me over the speakers”

By David Jackson

Torrecárdenas hospital has been slammed by a patients’ association after it emerged a deaf man sat for seven hours in emergencies because he was unable to hear the tannoy announcements calling his name.

Juan Almansa, a 38-year-old man from Gádor, went public with his complaint via the Marea Blanca patients’ association after visiting the emergency department of the provincial hospital suffering from an inflamed post-operation foot.

He claims that despite making the duty nurse aware of his personal circumstances he was left sitting alone in the waiting room for more than seven hours until he went home, unattended and still in pain. Every time he enquired at the desk he was told to sit down and wait to be called.


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