‘A Feeling Something Wonderful’


The donkey, tired and weary
Still had many steps to go
His burden very special
Hence his footsteps very slow
He had a sense of magic
That the journey was a sign
A feeling something wonderful
Like stars when they align
Thirsty but undaunted
Led by someone with great care
His cargo held on tightly
Clinging to his mane of hair
A distant light looked promising
But still some way to go
The donkey felt uplifted
But still walked extremely slow
At last a little town appeared
Where rest was greatly sought
The precious lady on his back
Now panicky and fraught
About to have a baby
Labour pains now at a high
She clung onto the donkey
Halting at an Inn nearby
But sadly there were no rooms left
To add to their great plight
Except a stable where they had
To settle for the night
The donkey sensed their anguish
He nuzzled them to say
That all would be alright now
In the stable where they lay
Other livestock gathered
There was promise in the air
Then suddenly a baby boy
Was quietly sleeping there
Within a straw filled manger
With his mother looking proud
His birth a magical event
That gathered quite a crowd
Not forcing himself forward
The donkey quietly lay
His heart so full of love
Now he was part of Christmas Day

by David Whitney
Torrevieja ©2023

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