Overseas Electors Bill petition


September 9

Hi there,
I thought your readers might like to know about a petition on the Overseas Electors Bill in the UK.
This is a Bill to extend overseas UK citizens’ right to vote in UK elections and referendums past the current 15-year limit.
This affects maybe 3 million people in Europe and would allow these expats a vote which they currently don’t have – so some continued influence on policies which might affect them such as Brexit, pensions uprating etc.
The Bill had reached its third reading in March 2019, but proceedings were adjourned.
The petition is to support the passing of the Bill and expires on October 16. It can be found and signed by searching for Support the Overseas Electors Bill and choosing the Government Petitions website.
I would urge as many people as possible to sign it and pass the information to family and friends.

Yours sincerely,
Stephen Moffat.

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