Mosquito invasion in Torrevieja

September 27
I arrived in Torrevieja to a mosquito invasion!! I understand that the Costa Blanca had some bad floods and heavy rain, but do not understand why such a big invasion of mosquitos.
I was bitten from head to toe and as I suffered a severe reaction, it was not a nice experience. I understand that there are natural situations due to weather conditions, but a week into my visit to Torrevieja, you’d think the invasion of mosquitos would be cleared up. Why is the council not acting sooner?
I was told that everything would be cleared up in a couple of days , well I have not seen any improvement and one week in to my stay on the Costa Blanca, the mosquito invasion is still active, I am now considering shortening my stay and returning to UK, I cannot take the burden of being bitten any more, I was hoping for a relaxing break here, but all I am getting is the mosquito invasion and constant pain, not sure if anybody else in the same boat, sure that I am not, as seen a few folks having to fight off the deadly little creatures.
Come on council, get those drains sorted, no more mozzies, please, and next time there is a heavy downpour, be prepared, do not want another epidemic. I love Spain, but mozzies no thanks, sort those drains out pronto.

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