April 25, 2018

Dear Editor,
Hardly a week goes by without some disgruntled Remoaner voicing their doom and gloom, and that the end of the world is nigh! They still cannot get to grips with the fact that considerably more people voted Leave in the Referendum than voted to Remain in the European Union (what an oxymoron that is, for there is no Union to speak of.
It was a Democratic vote, but for the Remoaners it wasn’t, because it didn’t give them the result that THEY wanted. Since then they have been denigrating those who did vote to Leave, and yes, such people did know perfectly well what they were voting for! They wanted their country back from an incompetent, inefficient “organisation” which hasn’t had its “books” signed off for over 20 years. A country for which their countrymen and women sacrificed their lives in two World Wars. And even teenagers went to enlist, lying about their ages just to defend their country. And yet the Remoaners are willing to give it away for whatever suits them.
Indeed, it has been mentioned many times that some have no longer any PRIDE left for the country of their birth. This same country which provided them with housing, education, health and care services. The same country which provided them with work and the opportunities to move abroad, and enjoy a far better life than perhaps their parents could only dream of!
But what they don’t see, or want to see, is the harsh fact that the current state of play in Britain can be traced back in its entirety to a certain Tony Blair, who opened the borders to all and sundry, with no checks made on who was entering the country. And now that country will never been the same again, changed beyond recognition.
But a few questions for some Remoaners to be asking of themselves are: 1) If a Remoaner used to be proud of their country, are these same people still collecting their pensions, allowances and or any benefits from the same country? 2) Should they ever achieve a second Referendum, do they not realise just what further damage they will cause, for in Mr Obama’s words, it will be at the back of the queue alright! 3) Are they quite prepared to allow the Fab Four of Messrs Barnier, Junker, Tusk and Verhofstadt to rule over Britain, even after the attitudes they have shown since the Referendum?
Why don’t the Remoaners cease in their quest, which is only delaying the inevitable and making the British negotiation come to an almost complete stop. They are only making life much easier for the Fab Four, and worse for their own people.
Their lies throughout Project Fear have now worn, but now Britain has to contend with their boring and repetitive attitudes, so why don’t they now support the country of their birth and show some pride. Other people are just as entitled to their viewpoints as they are.

N J Whiteside

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