Redesigning Dénia

Residents' input required to help shape the new town plan


RESIDENTS have been called upon to redesign Dénia long-term via an online survey, giving their views on its strengths and weaknesses.
Given that the Marina Alta district capital still does not have a new town layout plan, or PGOU, planning permission is largely blocked and development is nearly impossible – but in the meantime, the council wants to find out where its taxpayers see their town in six to 10 years’ time.
It has set up what is known as a ‘Strategy for Sustainable and Integrated Urban Development’ (EDUSI) to allow it to at least analyse the situation and – hopefully – act as a shortcut towards the long-awaited PGOU.
Local authorities are concerned about how Dénia’s design is geared towards summer tourism, with no thought as to how working-aged residents are supposed to earn a living during the remaining nine months of the year.

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