Red Flag fines


FOR the first time ever, Jávea police have fined two bathers €750 each for ignoring the red ‘danger’ flag and going into the sea.
Strong currents and huge waves off the Arenal beach meant the yellow ‘caution’ flag was replaced with the red ‘no-go’ one at 17.00 on Monday, but several individuals ignored it and decided to take a dip.
Lifeguards are not obliged to dive in and rescue swimmers in trouble on a ‘red flag day’, since they would be putting their own safety at risk – but in practice, most feel morally obliged to do so and very few would ignore a struggling bather.
In fact, several people were rescued from the sea after the ‘danger’ flag had been hoisted, having paid no attention to the megaphone warnings from the Red Cross on the shore.

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