New coronavirus cases ‘stabilise’ in Valencia region


There were 414 more new cases of coronavirus confirmed in the Valencia region today – up by 16 on yesterday but a far cry from the figures reported on Saturday and Sunday, which were 502 and 750 respectively.

However, the number of deaths of patients with coronavirus in the region has increased – with 56 reported today compared to 29 yesterday.

A total of 17 of the deaths were in residential care homes.

Councillor for health in Valencia region, Ana Barceló stated that the death toll has now risen to 395.

Of these, 42 have occurred in Castellón province, 167 in Alicante province and 186 in Valencia province.

Commenting on the new cases, Sra Barceló explained that 47 were in Castellón province, 152 in Alicante and 215 in Valencia.

Sra Barceló stated that there are now 5,922 cases of coronavirus in the Valencia region.

A total of 2,189 of the patients are being treated in hospital (the same number as yesterday), with 365 of these in intensive care wards.

A total of 1,001 healthcare professionals have tested positive for the virus, noted Sra Barceló.

240 people have recovered from Covid-19 in Valencia region.

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