Albox council accused of cronyism

Prosecutor to probe local authority over the hiring of 11 workers

Albox mayor Rogelio Mena previously served as deputy mayor for the PSOE in 2008 when the council allegedly gave jobs to relatives and friends

By Richard Torné

Albox council is in hot water following last week’s decision by the public prosecutor to investigate the local authority in connection with the alleged illegal recruitment of 11 workers.

The probe comes after the opposition Partido Popular party filed a complaint with the prosecutor about the hiring of staff in 2008 when the Socialist PSOE party ran the council. At the time, Albox mayor Rogelio Mena was serving as deputy mayor.

According to the complaint lodged last November by the PP’s spokesperson, Juan Pedro Pérez, the council hired relatives of ruling councillors – including nephews and sons as well as friends – without following administrative procedure or presenting the necessary paperwork.

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