Expat or immigrant?


March 18

Dear Sir
I live in Scotland and travel to Alicante to visit my working son and his family.
There’s something I have noticed which you or your readers might explain to me.
This is; what is the difference between an expat and an immigrant?
In the UK, someone from Spain, Rumania, Italy etc. is referred to as an “immigrant” which is fast becoming a term of abuse in the UK. I have never met the term expat in relation to these people.
However, from reading your excellent newspaper, the several hundred thousand British people living in Spain are not referred to as “immigrants” but as “expats”. Why is this and does the term have a legal status? With the UK determined to quit the European Union this could be important in determining who can stay, immigrants and who has to leave, expats.
I would be grateful for some clarification.

Yours etc.
Michael Clarke

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