Wow they are back!

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August 4

I am so pleased to see so many holidaymakers back here in Spain.

I know we, who live here all year round, hate the extra traffic, the supermarkets being full and our favourite restaurants not quite giving us the normal service as they are so busy.

But after the coronavirus pandemic, how can we complain? It was a scary time for most of us, none of us knew what to expect next. There were no cars on the road, nothing was open, except the main services. All our villages, main roads and beaches were like ghost towns.

The beaches are now full, there is not a space to be had, but let’s not moan, let’s just appreciate the holidaymakers are back, they are spending money and at last it’s looking like a normal pre-pandemic August.

Now, with all the towns back to celebrating their fiestas this year, I am sure there will be more bangs then ever, and I think everyone needs to lighten up and enjoy the choice of freedom again.

T. Collins

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