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March 13, 2016

Dear Editor,

Sigh! How I wish that some people would read and understand the contents of your Readers’ Letters. Yet again, it is the turn of your all too familiar correspondent Jack Johnson who has woken up but not yet smelled the coffee!

Somehow he has contrived to create a Party Political Broadcast, but the main issue is the Referendum. This transcends all of that, because a vote is not for your own political party, it is a vote for Britain. So why did Mr Johnson bring into question my own party and that of Roy Eaton, though I’m sure that Mr Eaton will get back to him on that topic.

May I be allowed to reiterate some salient points from my letter in question?

Statement no 1: Focus on the main issues and not on the people, or there could be a misrepresentation of the true vote!

Statement no 2: This is one vote which has to be right for Britain and the British people. Let us hope that all those entitled to vote actually do just that. Don’t waste it!

Statement no 3: There are difficult times ahead for Britain and the British people; decisions between Head and Heart.

Statement no 4: I did not commit myself to which way I would be voting. (So why do you have the temerity to presume what I will be voting for?)

I will ask this question but with no realistic expectations of any reply. What part or parts of these statements do you not understand? Please, do tell! For there is a person who despises anyone or anything that is not nailed-on Labour, and has carefully avoided mentioning the real, major issues facing Britain right now. And when he begins to use highly inflammatory language such as xenophobe, you do realise just how desperate he has become. May it be suggested that he looks up the word in his dictionary for the real meaning of that word.

Should it not be what he is looking, perhaps he should write to the various Heads of State in those European countries which have erected, or are erecting, numerous barriers meant to keep out the ever increasing number of migrants.

Or are they meant to look after their own people as well? He could also communicate with Angela Merkel and ask how her own people are feeling about the crisis. Are all of these people “xenophobic” as well? Of course, he could write to the Archbishop of Canterbury pointing out the error of his ways!

Although there is much more to be written, it must be said “Congratulations” to Jack for he has just proved what I have written previously. And as for “divisions”, perhaps he should look at “Project Fear” from the “Remain” Camp, and his beloved Labour Party, who is tearing itself apart over Jeremy Corbyn!

My letters were never meant to be on a personal basis, as I have stated, but when someone else makes it personal, well then…

Do wake up and smell the coffee before it’s too late. But, in closing, a few little words, which are QUAD ERAT DEMONSTRANDUM. In short, QED. CHECKMATE and GOOD NIGHT.


Regards and thank you Editor.

N J Whiteside

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  1. Mr (Mrs or Miss) Whiteside refers to ‘Project Fear’ from the “Remain” Camp. Such a pejorative term does seem to suggest he or she is the “Brexit” Camp despite him/her pointing out not indicating which way he or she would vote. The Brexit Camp not infrequently refers to Project Fear but never offers any explanation as to how many jobs leaving would create, how they would address the security implications, what the outcome of any new trade negotiations might be – and a plethora of other questions. “Project Head-in-the-Sand” might not be an inappropriate label to attach to the Leave Campaign.


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