Why the UK is leaving


February 18

Ray Bigger’s comprehensive letter regarding the manifestation of the EU on how they think ‘one size fits all’ has ticked all the boxes as to why UK is leaving the EU.
I remember being in my office in Amsterdam where I was one of five European sales managers. When it was promulgated to change all currencies to the euro! I was the only one who thought it was – crazy! My colleagues ridiculed me and could not understand why? As I thought it was a bad idea. There is no need to mention anything else on this item as the retrograde speaks for itself.
The distribution of trading, training, and digital research and being competitive has been unfairly carried out. There only seems to be two or three countries who do this who are using the Euro. The EU was a Union of Countries designed to help one another to progress and gain business both in Europe and the rest of the World. It has not happened. It took 7 years to close a deal with Canada. The EU has 180,000 references for specifications. I no need to go on as Mr, Bigger, as I mentioned has done it!
I would love to read a letter from a remainer who would tell me if Mr, Bigger has got it wrong, and we ‘the leavers’, have also got it completely wrong and why the EU is a magnificent body of intellectuals and politicians who have been given their jobs by selection, not election with gigantic Salaries etc, etc. I won’t mention the gold plate pension.


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