Why live here?


September 1

If The United Kingdom is not a land of Hope and Glory, why do so many people from other countries want to live there?

I know there is a lot of outdated pageantry in UK but that applies to many countries. It is a custom, and like it or not there will always be customs that do not suit everyone.

For the large majority of people who watch the Last Night of the Proms, the last thing on their minds are colonialism and slavery, and they were most certainly not involved in it. They are as disgusted by it as other citizens whose counties colonised large swathes of this world.
We are being asked to be ashamed of our heritage; most British people are innocent of past atrocities.

So, if I see a programme on TV that I think I would find offensive, I don’t watch it. That would solve the problem for those who think it is not suitable.

I. Johnson (big fan of the last night of the proms, such a fun night!).

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  1. As an elderly person who lived through WW2 & it’s aftermath I must comment on your post.We should not be ashamed of our heritage,as you say, but I think we should learn from it.”Most British people are innocent of past atrocities” you state.Quite right.Isn’t that just what the Germans & particularly the post war generation think.Although many of them recognise now that the Nazi regime was evil.At one time in my service in the RAF I served with 2 people who survived Changi POW camp.The Japanese have never,to my knowledge,accepted the atrocities they inflicted during that time.I do sometimes watch bits on TV that I may find offensive, unlike yourself,as perhaps it may,even at my advanced age,give me food for thought.


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