Hello again dog owners – Here we go again!


September 1

It is early Monday morning – the visitors are gone – I am strolling alone across the beach picking up the endless plastic debris, when I am rudely ordered off the beach by the Guardia! Why? Because I have my dog with me!

When is this madness going to end? When are the Guardia and the local police going to return to normal duties?

Illegal immigrants are pouring onto these shores, houses are being looted in San Luis- no one cares, no one attends! WHY? Because the Police Force are patrolling the now empty beaches for DOGS!

Has anyone else noticed that this country is beginning to look very much like a police state?
Am I the only dog owner beginning to think that I would be a lot happier ELSEWHERE!

Possibly in a country where an honest citizen is allowed to go about their business without Police interference!

If all the dog owners were to leave Spain – how much poorer would the country be?

Think on Mr Mayor of Torrevieja! All the ‘improvements’ you are making to the totally inadequate ‘dog beach’ simply will not make it big enough or safe enough for the number of dogs who need to swim!

If this is the sum total of the Mayors achievements in the Torrevieja region – how pathetic is that! Hope he is proud of himself!

Helen Heil

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