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April 26
Co. Down, N. Ireland

Dear Editor,

“To those in power, it seems obvious that the population must be cajoled and manipulated, frightened and kept in ignorance, so that ruling elites can operate without hindrance in ‘the national interest’, as they choose to define it” (Noam Chomsky, The Backroom Boys, 1973).
Hence, last Sunday’s test of the National Emergency Alert System which if operational is unlikely to save lives, but will enhance people’s fear levels. Ironically, people have most to fear from their own governments.

The hope lies in people organising through mass movements to make government more open, accountable, and democratic.

The lessening of fear in the public mind will only come about when people fully understand the workings of government and the forces (diametrically opposed to the public good) which determine government policy.

Louis Shawcross

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