Trying to close a bank account at Santander

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February 24
Cabo Roig,
Orihuela Costa

Dear Editor,

For over two years our community in Cabo Roig has been trying to close our bank account with Santander.

Our administrator seems to be at a loss as to what can be done as the branch office has been closed.

Is there anybody out there who has similar experience and can help us out. I have tried emailing the CEO of Santander Spain but yet again, without response.

Worst thing is they are still charging us €30 a month!

Colin Akers

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  1. We were with Santander Bank in El Campello with a personal account and it took 4 visits to finally close our account. Being told the computer would not let them do it on 3 separate occasions and on the final visit we were successful. Each time we were told come back next week to no avail. To rub salt in the wound and our frustration they still kept charging the standard monthly charge which obviously took us a month and spent endless hours queuing as they would not give us an appointment to sort. Absolutely dreadful Bank to deal with, thankfully we are with Caixa Bank in El Campello.

    • Hi, all you need to do is go into any Santander branch and they will tell you where your account is now held. Call to make an appointment with an interventor, account manager, and they will close the account. Your administrator will have been informed at the time of the change. All the best

  2. Spanish banks mate, 1970’s customer service, IE non existent. They carry on like they are doing you a favour keeping your money. The Spanish never got the hang of capitalism, which is why its such a poor country.


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