Torrevieja hospital


April 30

Having just read the letter in this week’s CBNews regarding Torrevieja Hospital.

On March 22 my wife had a bad fall in our garden. I called an ambulance who took her to the above hospital. On examining her and taking an X-ray she was told no bones are broken you can go home here’s a prescription for paracetamol.

I had to ask for a wheelchair to get her to our car as she could not walk. On arriving home I had to ask the lady next door to help me with her into the house.

She was in so much pain the following morning I called for a private ambulance to take her to the IMED clinic in Torrevieja for a second opinion.

On arrival they saw what state she was in and transferred her to a hospital in Elche, who carried out tests and found she had a fractured pelvis.

They kept her in overnight and sent her home the following day, and organised a wheelchair to be delivered to our house the same day.

And she is still in a wheelchair until a further visit to the hospital.

Name and address withheld please

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