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March 15

Hi Graham, my car was taken off of me four weeks ago, I promptly paid the fine of €258.
The reason for my offence is that I came here on December 7, 2020, and was due to return back to the UK on January 3, 2021 but because of lockdown my MOT ran out the first week in December, so I took my car to a local garage and had a full service on the December 29, 2020, knowing that I wasn’t allowed an ITV.

Now every excuse is being made to stop me getting my car back and as of now I don’t even know where it is. I am 74 years old and have suffered a heart attack so my legs suffer cramps and I need my car. Can you help please?

B. Wilson

The British system has made it very easy for the police to check if a vehicle is on the road legally or not. They can access the website, put in the car registration number and it will tell them straight away if a vehicle has a valid MOT or road tax in place, if either has expired, they can impound the vehicle as it should not be on the road.

With Brexit and the new 90 day ruling for all British vehicles, the police are obviously keeping a look out.

There are three options available for collecting the vehicle from the police compound:

1. Arrange for a grua (tow truck) to take it to the ferry terminal and ship it back to the UK.

2. Arrange for a transporter to take it back to the UK.

3. Pay IVA, duty and a customs agent fee, registration tax, road tax and a fee to obtain green plates/ temporary registration.

Options one and two would also involve attending a notary to have a document drawn up with details of the companies used for returning the vehicle to the UK and proof of payment of each step.

Best regards
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  1. Hello .
    I had my car impounded from me . same as you .
    I got a solicitor next day and went to P L and made commitment to remove it from Spain then paid the fine and storages charge. Then called a Grua and they released it to the Grua , Who then took it back to my property nearby . I did not use it locally for a few days after . I taxed the car online the same day .
    I later drove it back to the UK in the dark hours and after arriving in UK I got it MOT,d


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