Torrevieja downhill


May 6, 2018

Dear Sirs
I am writing to inform you of the situation in Costa Blanca’s Torrevieja area. The local authorities have closed down all beach bars and banned the remaining bars from playing any live music. Shops are being told they now have to close on a Sunday.
There have been street demonstrations with people wearing tee shirts that these actions will be the death of the tourist industry in the area. Not to mention the service industry’s reduction in support sales and the increase in unemployment.
Already there is a down turn in tourists. Spain is in a recession and the tourist industry was one part of the economy that was easy to grow and thrive.
Yet the local councillors go on blindly shooting themselves in the foot, making it clear tourists are not welcome.
These draconian actions will be noted by tourists who will go to more welcoming locations around Europe and the world.
We have loved coming to the area for 16 years yet now we feel we feel we are no longer welcome


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