Valencia approves measures for the ‘new normality’


The Valencia government has published regulations for the ‘new normality’ period following the end of the national state of emergency at midnight on Saturday.

Regional vice-president Mónica Oltra said their goal is to ‘minimise the risk to public health’ and ‘support the reactivation of the economy’.

In line with national legislation people will have to observe 1.5 metre social distancing in public places or wear a face mask when this is not possible.

Shopping centres and other establishments will have to maintain the 75% limit on entrance – as currently exists under the phase three legislation in the Valencia region.

Inspections to make sure that businesses and residents are complying with the rules will be carried out by town halls and regional police.

The measures which have been published in the official bulletin of the Valencia government run to 19 pages.

Full report in Friday’s Costa Blanca News.


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