Tirade against the PM


July 3, 2018

I read with interest Sue Wilson´s tirade against the PM It seems she has a personal vendetta concerning the PM She (S.W.) and the regime she represents must be very frustrated being constantly outsmarted by the PM. Moreover, she (S.W.) publishes the points on which she is outwitted. True there are problems in the Cabinet, and with disgruntled MPs, but the PM just rises above them, and carries on.Regarding her (S.W.) stating that she is going on June 28 protest march, bully for her, I doubt if it will achieve anything, like the rest of her rhetoric.
As for her bleating the PM is the worst the UK has ever had, has she not heard of one Tony Blair, widely renown as the worst and most reviled PM “EVER”, “not seeing the wood for the trees” springs to mind. I´ve no knowledge how she (S.W.) assesses the PM’s negotiating ability, it depends on one´s point of view, and which side you´’re batting for.


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