Thanks for metamizole


July 4

‘I have been treated with Nolotil (metamizole) since I arrived in Spain some nearly 30 years ago. I have had no side effects whatsoever and have been very grateful to the Spanish National Health who have been somewhat wonderful to me. So, okay, the nurses are not ‘touchy-feely’ but any time I have pushed my buzzer they have been there to check on me.
I have just recently needed a pain-killer for my swollen and painful knee. Instead of tablets, I was given an ampule, which worked more quickly… and I was very, very grateful. So while many attack the drug metamizole, I can only say: ‘Thank you Lord that this drug was available to me.’
I commend the Spanish health service for all the help they have given me over the last 20 years.

Anita Bond

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