TIE process for Brits in Valencia province

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December 13

British residents in Mojacar, Almeria province, can obtain their TIE at the local town hall.

They do not need to travel to the provincial capital, Almeria, unlike British residents in Valencia province who must travel to either Valencia or Alicante foreigners’ offices and often this entails journeys of several 100km to complete the process.

Many British couples and families in Valencia province have found it necessary to employ a person or company to obtain consecutive fingerprinting appointments or, at the very least, appointments on the same day and at the same foreigners’ office.

Some Brits have used TIE specialist companies and many have been ripped off financially as well as falling for ‘accompanied visits’ which usually means meeting a rep outside the foreigners’ office in either Valencia or Alicante.

On a low queue day at a foreigners’ office in Valencia or Alicante, it is possible to complete the digital fingerprinting process and pick up the TIE in a few minutes.

This rapidity in the TIE process further infuriates those unfortunate Brits who live far away from the foreigners’ offices.

As well as the difficulty of obtaining suitable fingerprinting appointments, the next hurdle for many Brits applying for a TIE the trek to the foreigners’ offices in Valencia and Alicante.

In the case of Alicante, two different offices must be used and are located on the outskirts of the city – one is to the west of the city and the other is to the north of the city. People who do not go by car must use public transport or take taxis to reach the foreigners’ offices and on two separate occasions.

It is time for the government to acknowledge the deficiency of too few foreigners’ offices in Valencia province and at the very least, reinstate Denia as a centre for TIE applications and for all nationals.

If Almeria province can provide an easy and convenient TIE process for its foreign nationals then so too can Valencia province.

Irene M. Hiscock

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