Covid passport error

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December 11


I am a loyal and avid reader of the Costa news.

However, last week you informed the readers that a Covid passport was required for certain venues.

Unfortunately you highlighted sports halls as a Covid certificate requirement. This is not the case when checking the official website, sports halls are not covered by those requirements.
I mention this as a president of a sports club, consequently I gave out incorrect news to the members.

I just thought you should know especially when anti vaccers latch on to what they call fake news,


Hi Michael,
I sincerely apologise for the mistranslation of one of the key words in the regional government press release on Covid passports which led to that mistake.
The word was ‘entretenimiento’ which of course is entertainment, and a therefore an entertainment venue, and not ‘entrenamiento’ which is training for sports.
For some reason, known only to me, I read ‘entrenamiento’ in the press release, and reported it as such in the article – as a sports venue.
As you have pointed out, that is wrong and looking back at the press release I can verify that you are correct and I have made an error.
Regional president Ximo Puig refers to ‘locales de ocio y entretenimiento’ (premises of leisure and entertainment).
I can only apologise again for providing you with incorrect information,
Dave Jones

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