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Valencia, March 20

When the Covid-19 epidemic got hold in Europe and vaccines were rapidly invented to counteract it, the European Commission told the individual countries of the European Union that they needn’t buy vaccines because the European Commission would buy and distribute all the vaccines.

The result has been an almighty mess up. While an individual, fairly independent country such as the UK has been able to buy and vaccinate millions, the individual countries of the European Union have had to sit and wait, vaccinating very slowly.

This is no surprise to those who can see clearly the reality of the European Union project today. The reality of the European Union today is as follows: A small group of a few thousand civil servants joined together with some mainly liberal left national politicians who call themselves the European Commission are attempting to run the whole of Europe from the little town of Brussels which is less than a fiftieth of the size of London.

This small group of people respond only to the pressure of Germany and Big Business. Like the Labour Party in the UK, they long ago ceased to represent ordinary citizens or working people, believing that from their lofty, privileged position they know best what should happen in each of the individual countries. For that reason they ignore referendums in individual countries and seek that the vote is taken again until they get the ‘correct’ result (Ireland, France, Denmark etc. had to vote again). Moreover, such is the certainty of this small number of people in little Brussels that they know best that these days they increasingly impose their diktats by fines and/or withholding funds.

Let’s not waste time here pretending that the European Union is in some way democratic because it holds elections and votes, has elected bodies, and has at least four chauffeur driven ‘Presidents’. These elected bodies are talking shops which provide the false facade of democracy where little really exists… the real power lies with the unelected European Commission in Brussels which is the only body which can initiate legislation. The rest is an empty, sterile facade.

There have been several attempts to control part or all of the vast, diverse European continent. The Italians (Romans) had a go over 2000 years ago, and the Germans had a couple of military attempts in the last 100 years. In the end they failed due to overstretching themselves and the resistance of individual countries.

The European Union liberal left political project to control all of Europe will fail for the same reasons and in due course will inevitably pass out of existence. It should have remained a straightforward and friendly free trade no tariff zone just like other free trade zones throughout the world.

The truth is that the liberal left political project to control all of the vast and varied continent of Europe from a little town in Belgium is a clapped out idea from the 1950s. The only certainty in Europe these days is that when there’s a penalty shootout on the football pitch, the Germans will always win!


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