The bit to hald Brexit


August 23

Dear Editor.
Here we go again in a bid to halt Brexit! It really has become a complete and utter farce, even here in Spain! Led by the “B remain in Spain” brigade, such people have taken it upon themselves to defy a Democratic vote 2 years ago! In doing so they have insulted the intelligence of the 17.4 million people who voted leave, and have treated them with utter contempt. Those leavers, they say, are “too thick and stupid to understand what they were actually voting for”
Perhaps that is a claim that could also refer to the Remainers? They do not believe in democracy, or this would not be happening. They are however doing a great job for Mr Barnier and his close friends, in being so negative and obstructive, so it is obvious where their loyalties lie! No surprise therefore that Brexit progress is very slow and far behind where it should be by now!
Should the actions in halting Brexit ever succeed then Britain will slip down the table to be the 28th member of the European Union (Great oxymoron as ever), and will be at the” back of the queue” The E.U. has already hit the iceberg, not that the selfish Remainers in many camps have noticed.
Britain is already a divided Nation, and will be even more so should Brexit fail. If you think that there is much anger around at present, it is nothing compared to the anger and fury that will occur afterwards. Why, with any luck the Remainers may yet install Jeremey Corbyn and his Rag, Tag and Bobtail army in government. What then?
And as the question of finances has been raised, may it be assumed that all such Remainers groups have maintained squeaky clean audits, down to the last Euro?
For if not, it raises the issue of double standards and hypocrisy!
Nor has there been any reference to the Remainers stance on project fear, where Armageddon would take place immediately after the Referendum vote! Whyever not?
Never mentioned now!
And this Brexit is probably the last opportunity that Britain will get to be itself again, to be able to stand on its own feet again, and to be able to govern itself.
Where is the pride in Britain any more, for it is in short supply? And must there be any number of more Referendums until the result falls right for the Remainers?
Britain needs progression not the Retrogression of the Remainers, and needs it now!

N.J. Whiteside

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